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You Won’t See A Single Zombie In The Upcoming Survival Game ‘Rust’

If you haven’t heard of Garry’s Mod, all you need to know is it’s an insanely popular sandbox physics game that uses the same engine as Half-Life 2. Since 2004, it’s managed to earn an impressive $22 million for maker Facepunch Studios. This success has given them the opportunity to make the game of their dreams, an open-world multiplayer survival game called Rust.

What sets this game apart? For starters, you won’t be seeing a single zombie in Rust. We have plenty of those already. It looks like Minecraft meets DayZ, sans walking corpses. In it, you’ll need to fight to survive. You’ll fight harsh weather, hunger, and possibly something else. “we hate zombies and are going to replace them with other NPCs at some point.” Please be dinosaurs.

You can follow progress on the game here.

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