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That Time Neil Gaiman Had A Street Named After His Novel

Neil Gaiman just released his new novel, “The Ocean At The End Of The Lane”, earlier this month. In celebration of Gaiman’s career, Gaiman’s proud hometown of Portsmouth has decided to name a lane after the title of the new book. Although Gaiman now lives in America, he was born in Portsmouth and he tells that the town holds some fond memories for him (see below).

Neil Gaiman will be giving a talk at Portsmouth Guildhall on August 18th.

From Gaiman’s press release, “Gobsmacked, befuddled, delighted and baffled. When you make things up, you never expect them to creep out into the real world… I lived in Portchester and Southsea until I was five. But my grandparents and much of my family were in Southsea, so I was back every school holiday and stayed as long as I could. I was even Barmitzvahed in the Portsmouth Synagogue.”



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