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[Saturday Morning Cartoon] Kick Off The Weekend With This Twisted Short

I’d like to share with you a twisted tale of drug addiction, suicide and sibling jealousy. Sounds like a fantastic way to kick off the weekend, am I right?

This animated short is called Memoria, and it’s another gorgeous film by The Animation Workshop, which also crafted that gorgeous Blackwater Gospel short we featured last week. Memoria follows Vincent, a homeless drug addict with a dark and long forgotten past. A past he’ll soon be forced to recollect. Enjoy.

Sure, it’s a little — okay, a lot — depressing but it’s also oh so good. If there’s a moral to this animated story, it’s to get along with your siblings, and if you see a homicidal look in your big brother’s eye, maybe go outside and play?

Memoria was produced by The Animation Workshop (website).

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