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Fox News Does A Decent Job Defending Violent Video Games

I never thought I’d write a title like that. I feel kind of dirty, but today, John Stossel has earned his mustache.

In his talk show, Stossel took on Franklin Graham, leader of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, in a segment devoted to violent video games. They chatted a bit about bible stuff, before moving on to the supposed negative effect video games — also referred to as murder simulators by Graham — have on people and whether or not they should be taxed. Because the video games industry and the tobacco industry are basically the same, right?

In an unusual move for anyone associated with Fox News, Stossel uses logic and a clear understanding of the subject to break Graham’s biblical rubbish apart with actual facts. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Sadly, this is an argument that doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. People need a scapegoat, and since the majority are largely ignorant when it comes to video games, they tend to believe what they see in news reports. I’m glad at least someone did their homework this time, I’m just surprised they’re affiliated with Fox News.

It doesn’t help that we have creeps like NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, who is more than willing to spout nonsense about the gaming industry.

With that said, John Stossel, you done good.

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  • sweetooth

    VERY surprising coming from FOX.

    But yeah the “epidemic of violence” everyone keeps talking about has nothing whatsoever to do with an actual increase in violent crime. If you actually look at the statistics for violent crime over the last 40 years it’s been on a steady decrease.

    The only reason everyone sees it so much now is because we are connected like never before (the internet, satellite TV, etc). On top of this, as soon as the news started being judged by ratings, surprise surprise, now all they report on is sensationalistic stories to try and get your attention. Not too many people care about that cat that got pulled out the tree in the local small town, but school shootings sure do get their attention.

    That and you have a lot of money being put into the media to keep that sort of crap pumping at you 24-7. There are some rather disturbing links between keeping your populace scared via the media and consumerism…

    Personally, I think every single human being has at least some degree of primal urge to do some killing encoded into their DNA and if playing Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty instead of slamming an axe into someone’s face satisfies that, then what exactly is the problem?

  • sweetooth

    Oh yeah, and the argument that these games are marketed towards kids is just ignorant.

    Mature rated games are marketed to exactly the demographic on the rating, 17+

    If parents are too fucking stupid to read a rating on the front of the box before they buy a game for their 6 year old, then I think that is where the problem lies. You don’t hear people bitching about how R-Rated gorefests are being marketted to children, what’s the difference here?

    • EvilHead1981

      I have to agree. I think nowadays(though it’s always been this way) there are soooo many convenient scapegoats out there for bad parents to blame. “Oh no, it’s not MY fault! I’M not a horrible parent! It’s…. the games! The games, the comics, the horror movies and rock music!!! Yeah! That’s it!!! I surely can’t be to blame. It’s not the fact that I neglect my kid and try to buy their affection by tossing souless toys their way. It’s not my fault I shush them out of the way when I’m trying to watch E! I’m not MY fault that I have to work overtime just so I can buy them needless things rather than, well, spend some fuckin’ quality time getting to know my own FUCKIN’ kid! Why don’t you just fuckin BLEED me, if that’s the case!!”. Seriously, what people do so they can sleep better at night. That’s all it is. That’s all it’s ever been. And what happens because of it?

      • I blame lil wayne… but seriously I agree. in general, people tend to look outward for a “fix” to their problems and refuse to look at themselves. it’d be sad if they weren’t such egocentric douchebags. wait… yea its still kinda sad.

  • sweetooth

    But anyway, we all just need to pray and let God solve all of our problems…

  • xdawnahx

    sweetooth, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Mike C

    This is the same asshole who said that N.O. deserved to be pretty much destroyed by Katrina. Anything he says is bullshit and religious propaganda.

  • djblack1313

    i saw “Fox News…” in the title and didn’t even bother to watch this douche. Fox News is evil.

    • Ravinus

      Yet you leave a comment calling Fox News “evil”. Genius.

      • djblack1313

        Ravinus, brilliant one, what the fuck is your point? MENSA member are you? i thought not.

  • Screamz

    I still find it funny that violent video games (or movies or whatever) turns kids evil and, well, violent. Yet, you never hear that non-violent games turns violent kids good. Shouldn’t it work both ways? If they can turn you violent, then they should be able to force you to be non-violent as well.

    Anyway, I thought I’d never live long enough to actually agree with Fox News. Finally, someone pointing to hard evidence to make their point without making it up.

    I’ve seen and played some of the most violent video games and movies imaginable, yet, I don’t have a violent bone in my body. I detest actual violence. And these games are poor, poor avenues for teaching people how to kill. I don’t think triangle, triangle, circle, square works in real life…

  • VersaVulture

    As a Christian… I’m a horror fan and I violent video game fan… I mean most of what I watch (Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Saw, Evil Dead, Kick-Ass) and play (Grand Theft Auto, Far Cry 3, Metro: Last Light, Resident Evil etc.) aren’t Christian and that doesn’t make me a bad person. I have my own beliefs and I still am a part of these entertainment outlets despite what Christian officials may say.

    I mean, I even have a group of guys/girls from my church who get together once a month for video games and horror movies. Just so everyone knows… Not all Christians condemn everything. I feel like people (not saying that anyone here is doing it) associate all Christians the same because of a few people. A lot of us really are into this genre and violent action movies/games. It depends on the person and not the group as a whole.

    • Falk

      Finally another Christian who Likes Horror movies and games. We don’t all think they are to blame for the world’s problems. People have always been violent, they don’t need games and movies to make them so.

      • ThunderDragoon

        Count me as another Christian. We’re not all nutjobs like this guy lol. I’ve been watching horror movies since as far as I can remember and been playing video games the same amount. I have never killed anyone or even wanted to kill anyone. These religious fanatics (aka the “bad” Christians, who aren’t Christ-like at all) keep blaming video games because they have nothing better to do between the time they’re damning gay people to hell and thinking they’re better than everyone else.

    • Samhain2010

      People tend to think I’m telling a lie when I tell them I am a Christian. They can’t seem to understand that a person can be a Christian while at the same time enjoying horror movies. It’s sad that everyone has to group everyone together. I love horror movies and games. I am a Christian. I am also a political libertarian that tends to agree, not legally, but morally with a lot of conservatives. I can separate my political, social, moral, and religious beliefs. This doesn’t mean I am a hate monger or a hypocrite. Humans can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Numerous studies have shown that violent video games have zero connection to real world violence. I wanted to point out to Mr. Dodd that John Stossel is not a conservative, he is a libertarian.

    • WalkWithMeInDarkness

      That’s the thing, just like you can’t blame violent games and movies for real life violence, you can’t judge all religious people by the actions of some. People need to learn both of these things.

  • Incinerated

    That was painful to watch. Especially Graham’s opening statement… yikes!

    Violent video games are a symptom not the cause of violent culture. Beliefs, and the attitudes that flow out of them, are very key in any violent action; be it killing someone or name calling. That being said, the culture of violent media does reinforce and perpetuate beliefs and attitudes of violence (I do believe I recall reading studies backing up the attitude component), but media is not the causative root behind violence. Who makes media? People. So, we must follow the trail to where the beliefs begin.

    While there are many different factors in the US, I will say forms of capitalism and masculinity that value having and attaining more power, religious beliefs that emphasize converting others, and an uneducated sense of individualism, which minimizes the interconnectedness of humanity and ultimately makes one’s life more valuable (expendable) than another person’s, are exponentially closer to the root of violence than video games.
    Combine those systemic and cultural beliefs with cultural events that ingrain violent beliefs into society like going to war, valuing war itself, rather than just those who fought in wars, not helping soldiers mentally transition back into civilian life, the resulting overkill (pun) love of guns, and, shoot (pun), you get a violent culture in the US.

    If Graham wanted to tackle the symptom of violent video games as well as more important root causes, I would appreciate and honor that. He should look to feminism if he wants to see how it’s done. Feminism addresses roots and symptoms of oppression everywhere it finds them. It’s not scapegoating if you address the entire system everywhere it exists (Though it may look like it to the onlooker who doesn’t have a clue of all that’s being done). He may have to start reading his Bible differently to accomplish that, though, so we’ll see if that happens.

    It would be nice if more people went to school and took courses on humanity–or read on topic books backed up by academic studies. If you’re human, it’s kind of useful to learn about being human.

  • Voorhees83

    I’ve always thought this about violent movies, tv, games or whatever. If something your watching is going to make you go out and commit a crime, there is something wrong with you to begin with and your probably going to commit the crime sooner or later anyways….end of story.

  • Deathgear

    Very funny they use religion they can’t think of any other way of explaining things. Just blame the parents that’s all you people could do. They should tax them selves for wasting our time.

  • undertaker78

    If violent video games produce people violent people, then why is there a history of violence prior to the actual invention of video games?

    People like to shift the blame and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. If it isn’t video games being blamed, it’s horror movies, comic books, music, etc. taking the hit.

    • huntermc

      What do you mean? The world was a peaceful, non-violent utopia before violent comic books, violent music, violent movies, violent TV shows, and violent video games ruined it for everyone.

  • nuagenucraze

    typical Americans always blaming a video game or a book or a comic book , its not like your country is full of right wing extremists or religious freaks where a 12 year old can buy a gun .. i think violent crime has something to do with your stupid gun laws and a populas who will agree with anything as long as you dont touch there precious gun trade

  • Boonraiser

    I find it amazing that an Evangelist can look straight at the camera and spew nonsense like this over and over again. It’s not like religion has ever been responsible for any deaths over the years. The highest crime a gamer can be found guilty of is maybe getting high, eating some junk food and killing an infected person made up of pixels. Video games are not reality.

    My teachers as a young child used to have meetings with my parents about the things I used to draw, (heads on pikes, demons tearing people apart, rotting zombies, general horror stuff) but I’ve never even been in a fight. After 25 years of all things horror, you think that these horrific, violent games/movies/music would have made me at least think about committing a violent crime.

    They should tax the shit out of these Evangelist cult leaders for just existing. If there was a god, I’m sure he’d be embarrassed by men like Franklin Graham.

  • MildaNee16

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  • diapers

    If horror movies and violent video games were a driver of real world violence, logic dictates that most of us on this forum would be incarcerated by now. I’ve played just about every violent game since Doom and Blood, yet I can’t bring myself to kill a spider. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to ponder this further while I play a nice game of ManHunt!

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