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[TV] The Trials Of Setting Up “Hannibal’s” Second Season

When NBC’s “Hannibal” left with a literal and figurative smile, audiences were clamoring to know what’s next for the impressive serial killer series that is really going to need to grow in audience to stay on air.

TV Guide chatted with series creator Bryan Fuller, who commented a bit on what we’ll see in Will Graham’s (Hugh Dancy) future come the second season in 2014.

He will be incarcerated, and we will be dealing with all of the threads of that,” Fuller stated. “We need to see all of the things happen that would happen in that scenario. Will Graham needs to go on trial for the murders that he may or may not have committed. Jack has to be brought before a review board for his participation in what happened to Will, and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen), as Will’s psychiatrist, is going to continue to try to help Will see the truth that Hannibal wants him to see. The ball is up in the air in so many ways for Jack and Hannibal and Will. The fun of Season 2 will be spiking those balls.

Those who caught the finale are wondering, does Will now know he was set up by Hannibal? Was Hannibal’s sly smile a tipping point? Man, I can’t wait until the next season!



  • Wikkedix

    I am afraid that they might go too far away from the source material. In Red Dragon (the book) it is eluded to that Will Graham had been admitted into the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, but as a precaution. Now a trial might be a little much, and it is going to be very easy for them to start getting away from Thomas Harris’ work.

    • weresmurf

      Yeah but even then, it’s only alluded to briefly. So there’s a lot of ground to play with there. Will still can, even if only for an episode, we’ve still got seasons upon seasons to go hopefully. I hope this game of cat and mouse continues for years yet. Seeing Hannibal done up as the Demon figure in Wills mine was splendid, giving him a delusional idea of Hannibal as the Chesapeak Ripper and the evil that lay within him even if Will was only half conscious.

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