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[RIP] Richard Matheson 1926 – 2013

Some sad news to report, writer Richard Matheson has passed away at the age of 87. Even if you didn’t directly read his work, it’s a mathematical impossibility that you’re reading this site and somehow remain untouched by it. In addition to novels like “I Am Legend”, “Hell House” (later adapted into The Legend Of Hell House), “A Stir Of Echoes” and “The Beardless Warriors” he penned the screenplay adaption of his short story for “Duel” for Steven Spielberg.

Other notable works include the short story “Button Button” (later filmed by Richard Kelly as The Box) which was turned into one of 14 episodes he wrote for “The Twilight Zone” (“Nightmare At 20,000 Feet” being another standout).

He also wrote episodes of “Star Trek” as well as the screenplays for 1961’s The Pit And The Pendulum and 1990’s Loose Cannons. Matheson also worked on the screenplay for Jaws 3D.

Matheson was with his family when he passed away yesterday.




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