New Trailer For Indie 'Ghostlight' Shines Bright - Bloody Disgusting!

New Trailer For Indie ‘Ghostlight’ Shines Bright

Directed and written by Jeff Ferrell for Morella Films, here’s some art and a trailer for the indie Ghostlight.

When a man spends one night alone in a haunted theater for a large cash prize, he encounters the deadly ghosts of its past.”

Starring Brian Sutherland, Lisa Coronado, Dennis Kleinsmith, Russell Hodgkinson, Eden Campbell Ramona Freeborn, Armitage Shanks, Jeff Ferrell.

  • Evan3

    Wow! This looks absolutely terrible, though the actress in the poster looks so much like Anne Hathaway

  • bluegrasslass

    Armitage Shanks?! That’s a joke, right? That’s the name of a firm that manufactures sinks & toilets 😛