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Stolen Babies Release “Second Sleep” Music Video

Avante-garde rock/metal band Stolen Babies have released an official music video for “Second Sleep”, which comes from their latest album Naught (review). Directed by Ilan Sharone, the video features special FX work by Meats Meier, who has worked with Tool, Puscifer, and Pink Floyd‘s Roger Waters.

Vocalist Dominique Lenore Persi comments, “We wanted the video to feel dream-like and echo the vibe of the song. Something is always a little off but not in a way you can put your finger on. When we’re underwater everything is more of a struggle, which adds to the feeling of being unable to control the situation.

An interview with the band members can be found here. You can check out the video below.

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  • huntermc

    I saw these guys with Devin Townsend in Chicago a few months ago, and they put on a great show!

    • JonathanBarkan

      I wish I’d been able to go to that show! I was seriously considering driving out to Chicago for that as it was just an incredible line up.