Dave Mustaine Teams Up With Kenny G For Spoof Men's Wearhouse Ad - Bloody Disgusting
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Dave Mustaine Teams Up With Kenny G For Spoof Men’s Wearhouse Ad



Dave Mustaine, singer/guitarist of metal band Megadeth, has teamed up with smooth sax player Kenny G for a Men’s Wearhouse spoof ad that is surprisingly not that bad. I mean, aside from being a huge plug for Super Collider, it’s obvious that Mustaine was able to poke a little bit of fun at himself. Also, and this might be the most surprising thing, Kenny G is by far the best part of this video.

This video is a result of Mustaine posting a full on rant against Men’s Wearhouse when they were late in delivering a gift card to his band’s tour manager. You can check it out below.

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