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Korn Announces Release Date For New Album

Drummer Ray Luzier may have inadvertently revealed the release date for Korn‘s upcoming album through an Instagram post during a press junket. In the post, he stated, “Korn press Konference in France, we played them parts of 2 new songs off our SIC new record coming out Sept 24th. #korntour2013 #kornfans #korn #korn2013 #fieldy #brianheadwelch #munky #jdevil.” The picture can be seen below.

So there you have it, a new Korn record coming out September 24th, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

This record will be special to many Korn fans as it marks the return of guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, who left the band in 2005 after finding religion and not being able to reconcile his beliefs with the band’s attitude and presentation.

The new album will be the follow up to 2011’s The Path Of Totality, which saw the band mixing their nu-metal flairs with the currently popular EDM stylings.

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  • RickGrimesRightHand

    It’s great to hear that Head is back with this band. It will be interesting to hear the way it effects their style on this album. I thought they had redeemed themselves with the Path to Totality record but its not a gimmick that they can continue to rely on to sustain as a band. They likely will have relied less on the producers as well. Now if only David hadn’t gone completely overboard with the nose candy….


    the original five would be nice but yeah david needs to clean up and give them some space

  • Nasher

    Did David actually add anything special? He was no John Bonham (but who else is?) and I cant say the band ever featured drumming.. it was there but never front and center.

    Anyways I’ve not bought the last 5 albums, can’t say I heard anything worth a repeat play.. Totality was interesting, a necessary experimental album but not one that set the world on fire.

    Head’s been doing more korn sounding albums than Korn in the last few years and that all sounds like it’s not progressed in a decade… I guess I’m over this band.

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