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[Indie Horror Spotlight] The Darkness Is Your Friend In ‘Ascension’

When you think of indie horror games with a retro or pixel art style, games like Benjamin Rivers’s Home or Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor probably come to mind. There are actually a lot of them, and my goal is to conquer them all.

I’ve played Home, Lone Survivor and Homesick and now I’m continuing my crusade with Ascension, an old school survival horror game by developer Magnesium Ninja. It’s undeniably freaky, and I can even relate to Gordon Freeman/Chuck Norris — I’m still not sure who the lead character is, he resembles both — because the poor guy can only hold his breath for maybe five seconds. I once tried to hold my breath. Just as I hit the four second milestone I pulled a Violet Beauregarde and had to be hauled off where they could drain my precious juices.

Gross. Enjoy the video.

Did you know you can subscribe to BDTV for more videos like this, because you totally can (and should). if you’d like to play Ascension for yourself, you can download it here.

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