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Trailer and Release Plans For Horror Comedy ‘Hell Baby’

Millennium Entertainment has announced a July 25 Ultra VOD date and September 6 limited theatrical run for their horror-comedy Hell Baby, written & directed by Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon.

The film starring Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Riki Lindhome and Keegan-Michael Key premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to mixed reviews. Bloody Disgusting’s Ryan Daley was not a fan, either.

The trailer has just premiered on Apple and, frankly, it looks pretty good. Although, it should be noted that I’m a huge fan of “The State”.

Jack (Rob Corddry) and Vanessa (Leslie Bibb) are an expectant couple that moves into the most haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans — a house with a deadly demonic curse. Things soon spiral out of control for Jack and Vanessa, as well as their-not-so-helpful neighbor F’Resnel (Keegan-Michael Key), Vanessa’s friendly psychiatrist (Michael Ian Black), Vanessa’s Wiccan sister Marjorie (Riki Lindhome) and the detectives assigned to look into the rising body count (Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer). Only the Vatican’s elite exorcism team (Garant and Lennon) san save them — or can they?

Hell Baby



  • SelfishMan912

    looks better than “a haunted house” or any other of the crappy parodies coming out lately. good cast too. i’ll give it a chance.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Big Rob Corddry fan, because I loved him in Hot Tub Time Machine and Warm Bodies more recently, so I’ll give this one a try.

    Although, I’m usually skeptical about horror comedy spoofs, because most of them suck so bad (i.e. the shitty Scary Movie franchise). And out of boredom, I watched the A Haunted House a while ago, and I thought it was just awful. You’re mocking mainstream horror movies (The Devil Inside, Paranormal Activity, etc.), that were already panned and mocked by the critics, and the people, who watched them, so what’s the point?

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