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Dexter Composer Daniel Licht Uploads Rehearsal Footage Of “Blood Theme”

Daniel Licht, composer for the hit TV show Dexter, has uploaded video footage of a rehearsal for the Dexter Season 8 premiere. The group of musicians are performing the fan-favorite track “Blood Theme”. It’s pretty interesting to see Licht play a glockenspiel with a bow and then jump to, what looks like, a child’s toy piano. You can watch the video below.

Licht has quickly become one of my favorite composers, his work for Silent Hill: Downpour (review) still ranking as one of my favorite video game soundtracks of the past several years. Also, the soundtrack for Season 1 of Dexter is truly fantastic. If you haven’t yet picked it up, I highly recommend grabbing a copy.

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  • coats1234

    Need to know that piece on the final episode of season 8 where Dexter tell Debra that he loves her & carries her out to his boat? That pieces is so beautiful to me. So fits that scene. Almost made me cry. What is the name of that track?

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