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There’s Still Hope For Indie Games On Xbox One

Today, Microsoft announced a new partnership with Unity Technologies, which will bring the Unity toolset to developers who build games that are published by Microsoft on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 for free. Unity is already a very popular suite of development tools for indie developers, with many devs having worked with it for years. It’s powered a bevy of horror games, too, including Slender: The Arrival, as well as the upcoming Sir, You Are Being Hunted and Pulse, among others.

Until today, Microsoft hasn’t revealed much regarding their support of indie developers, so it’s nice to hear something on that front. Watch me play a Unity powered horror game after the break!

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  • Murdock408

    I’m probably one of the few people that actually changed their mind on the Xbox-One when they changed their policies, I plan on actually buying one now since I’m already a 360 gamer and the exclusives just look better to me. But the lack of Indie Games is the one thing that still disappoints me on the One, I really hope they change that as well, I’d love to see some awesome indie games on the console!

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