"The X-Files" Reunion Happening At Comic-Con! - Bloody Disgusting!

“The X-Files” Reunion Happening At Comic-Con!

Need a single reason to attend next month’s San Diego Comic-Con? Well, here it is…

The official Gillian Anderson website released a news statement confirming that Gillian Anderson will be at the TV Guide Magazine Celebrates “The X-Files 20th Anniversary” panel, as well as a panel for an X-Files comic book. She is joined by series creator Chris Carter, series writer (and current “Breaking Bad” showrunner) Vince Gilligan and others.

Thus far, David Duchovney has not been confirmed – but what would a 20th anniversary reunion be without Mulder?!

Says the fan site, Gillian plans to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con on July 18 – 20 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).

She will attend the “XF 20th Anniversary Panel” on Thursday (July 18), a “XF Comic Book Panel,” and will also be signing at the Lightspeed Fine Art Booth.

  • DethHand

    They need a reunion on the big or small screen. God I miss this show lol.

  • wormlander

    I had high hopes for the new Season 10 comic, but I don’t think the artwork represents the X-Files “feel” well enough to do the show justice. Story seems decent enough but it’s way too soon to say where this is going..

  • Canucklehead

    I’d like to investigate Gillian Anderson’s extra terrestrials.