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[Saturday Morning Cartoon] “Captain N: The Game Master” Episode 1.09 “Nightmare On Mother Brain’s Street”

I completely forgot to find a great Saturday Morning Cartoon for you gents, so here’s a quickie I pulled off of YouTube.

This morning we go back to 1989 to watch an episode of “Captain N: The Game Master”, which give homage to A Nightmare on Elm Street.

In episode 1.09, “Nightmare On Mother Brain’s Street,” “Mother Brain uses a tainted apple to send Lana into a deep sleep. It’s all part of a plan to trap the N Team in the Nightmare Zone – a strange dimension where a person’s worst nightmares come to life.

The character Captain N first appeared in Nintendo Power magazine, created by a Nintendo staff member and magazine editor named Randy Studdard. The original concept involved Captain N (originally known as “Captain Nintendo”) as a Nintendo employee and the Mother Brain as a Nintendo main computer that went rogue, and Captain Nintendo had the power to temporarily give life to characters and items from Nintendo games. – Wiki




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