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[Random Cool] Check Out The Movie ‘The Thing’ Almost Was!!!

John Carpenter has made a lot of my favorite movies, but The Thing stands at the apex of an already impressive resume. For me, it’s even better than Halloween. A dire, dour suspenseful piece, full of great characters in the throes of paranoia.

But it was almost MUCH different. Due to a scheduling snafu, Carpenter found himself with 6 weeks of time between the film’s stage and location work. As a result, with much of the film already in the can, he was able to assemble a rough cut – and he didn’t like what he saw. He felt the film lacked tension, there was too much time between monsters and MacReady didn’t emerge as the main character until way too late in the cut.

So he started chopping, entire scenes were cut, tons of footage hit the floor. Then he started writing a script around his new rough cut, new kills were added along with new character arcs the stakes were upped. It’s an incredible argument in favor of giving filmmakers time to consider their work, which is ever so rare these days.

This blog post details EVERY CHANGE and is required reading by any fan. Check it out HERE (thanks to Badass Digest for the heads up).




    I have to say this was one of my favorites from John Carpenter. I knew he had cut a lot of footage from the film but I didn’t know how extensive it was. I am very curious to see that footage. I recall once seeing a still shot of Fuchs being impelled by a shovel to the wall. Possibly an alternate death and then changed?

    • dr.lamb

      You can see that still with an explanation at the link.

  • viking1983

    the thing is the greatest horror film ever made for story and effects

  • dr.lamb

    Can they edit the new “The Thing” (2011) down to 2 minutes ? Maybe that could save the movie.

    • Zombie-Killa

      Please don’t remind me of that dreadful hybrid, remake/prequel, or whatever they want to call it abomination. I beg of you! lol.

      A shame, because Mary Elizabeth Winstead is one of my favorite actresses (she was SO bad ass in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) tried her best, but she couldn’t save that train wreck.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Awesome! The Thing is still one of my favorite horror flicks of all time, and I always love reading these “what if” scenarios.

    Also, I never knew this until someone else pointed it out for me, but remember how MacReady and Childs shared a drink at the end, while the camp burned to the ground? Well, this other person brought a conspiracy theory to my attention….what if the bottle of liquor was actually one of MacReady’s Molotov cocktails? You know, JUST to make sure Childs isn’t The Thing, MacReady gives him the bottle to drink first, and if Childs coughs up and spits out everything, then he’s obviously human. But on the other hand, if Childs just gulped down a Molotov Cocktail without any problems, then he had to be the alien, no? Remember, Childs disappeared during the snowstorm to go after Blair, while the remaining survivors (with the exception of MacReady of course) died, so it’s possible.

    I know it’s stretch, but man on man it makes you think! lol.

  • Evan3

    How cool to see what might have been. Halloween is definitely 1A in my book, with the Thing being 1B. Really though, let’s just call both of them perfect and then call it a day.

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