Big Discounts On 'Resident Evil 6' And 'Killing Floor' In Green Man Gaming's 666 Sale [UPDATE] - Bloody Disgusting!

Big Discounts On ‘Resident Evil 6’ And ‘Killing Floor’ In Green Man Gaming’s 666 Sale [UPDATE]

Update (4pm): New deals have surfaced, including discounts on Resident Evil 5, Alan Wake, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Earlier today, UK-based online retailer Green Man Gaming launched their 666 Sale, which brings massive deals on a handful of horror games, including Resident Evil 6, Killing Floor (as well as its DLC), and the indie horror game Lucius, among others. Perhaps the best deal is Borderlands 2 and its season pass for just $14.99. I’d jump on that if I didn’t already own the game. If you’re interested in grabbing some excellent games on the cheap, get on this quick, because new deals will go live every six hours (the next round kicks off at 4pm ET).

For an even better deal, enter the code GMG10-U49LX-GAE17 at checkout to save an additional 10%. Full list of deals after the break.

Borderlands 2 + season pass for $14.99 (originally $59.98)
Guns of Icarus Online for $3.99 (originally $19.99)
Killing Floor for $4.99 (originally $19.99)
Killing Floor Complete Pack (includes all DLC) for $12.49 (originally $19.99)
Lucius for $4.99 (originally $19.99)
Resident Evil 6 for $19.99 (originally $39.99)
Star Trek for $16.99 (originally $49.99)

Take advantage of these fantastic deals over at Green Man Gaming.

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