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Spend Your July 4th Slaying Demons In ‘Killing Floor’s’ Pier Of Pain

Written by Jason Nawara, @JasonNawara

Just when you’re knee-deep in the Pacific Theatre of Tripwire’s wonderful expansion to Red Orchestra in Rising Storm, they throw us for a loop and announce that Killing Floor will be getting a free holiday event in which even more zombie-killing goodness will grace our monitors. How dare they.

Tomorrow kicks off the Pier of Pain, which adds even more content to the game with some ridiculous new weapons, an ‘objective mode’ — basically an escort mission in the Killing Floor style — and it all takes place in a carnival from hell.

On top of that, all of it is free to play for a week beginning July 4th, and in typical Tripwire style; it’s all moddable. That’s not even the best part, there’s more.

So, replace the exploding fireworks in the sky with the brains of demons, and check out the expansion pack fans have been waiting nearly a half-decade for, it will be here soon. Damn soon.

Oh wait, that’s not all? Am I channeling my inner late night TV pitch man prose? In addition to the new modes and map, Tripwire detailed the goodies players will get when they log into Killing Floor’s holiday week of hell.

After the free week, it looks like these will have to be purchased, but don’t worry, the funds will go into the Steam community’s pocket, which is cool.

The DLC will also bring with it new weapons and skins:

Community Steampunk Weapon Pack

The Orca Bomb Propeller – The Orca Bomb Propeller tosses little delayed explosive bombs. Good for those bank shots!
Multichamber ZED Thrower – A steam-powered lead launching auto shotgun, with a secondary steam discharge that will knock enemies away!
Single Piston Longmusket – A finely crafted long rifle from the Victorian era fitted with telescopic aiming optics.
Dr. T’s Lead Delivery System – Thy weapon is before you. May it’s drum beat a sound of terrible fear into your enemies.

Golden Gun Weapon Pack 2

Golden Tiger-Striped Hand Cannons
Golden Chainsaw
Golden Flamethrower
Golden AA12
PICS AND VIDEO HERE if you choose to use them



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