[Watch Now!] Horror Comedy 'Standards of Living' Shot Entirely On An iPad 2 - Bloody Disgusting
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[Watch Now!] Horror Comedy ‘Standards of Living’ Shot Entirely On An iPad 2



The LA Weekly reports on the first ever movie shot on an iPad… and it’s a horror film.

Aaron Mento’s Standards of Living is a film shot not on high-definition cameras, but on an iPad 2.

Standards, according to Mento, is a horror/comedy “about this stand-up comedian who’s really bad” who gets a mysterious phone call from a man named Mr. Randall, who says he can make things disappear and have them brought back, improved.

Watch the entire film RIGHT HERE!

Says the site, Standards is the first full-length feature film shot entirely on a tablet, which presented its share of challenges to Mento and his crew. But Mento says that the style worked well for this particular story, which was written specifically for filming on his iPad 2, since his previous works wouldn’t fit on a microbudget and into a limited-location shoot.

The iPad 2 has this really wide lens, so it really adds this warped atmosphere to a horror/comedy,” he says. “And because I was in two locations that were kind of tight and cramped, the wide angle made it feel claustrophobic. And I really liked that … it gave it an odd, eerie quality.

Still, Mento says, the format presented its difficulties, largely because it was not designed to be used for filming. “The iPad 2 has auto-exposure,” he added. “So if an actor moved from one end of the room to the other and I followed them, the camera would darken or lighten based on the light. So I had to kind of even the light out.

Another issue: sound, which doesn’t record well on a tablet. Mento had to sync up the sound in post-production, which was tricky.

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Watch the entire movie right here, right now. Just hit play!


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