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5 Horror Movies With Misleading Trailers!!!

While I’m not a purist on this (I don’t care if a movie is missing scenes from the trailer if the film itself ends up being good), I know that misleading trailers can irk quite a few people. Remember the woman who sued the distributor of Drive because she thought she was seeing a Fast & Furious style movie? While that’s a bit extreme, I sort of understand some other cases of this – the most recent example being a highly anticipated horror remake that neglected to include a certain chainsaw scene that featured heavily in its trailer.

I personally don’t think this stuff is worth getting super upset about, but on the off-chance you decide to see a movie based on one shot in the trailer and they don’t include that shot – you’re gonna be pretty pissed. Either way, I think this stuff is fascinating. I don’t believe that directors should be beholden to the studio’s marketing decisions when it comes to fine-tuning their movie (which often happens way later than the trailer’s release) – but it’s interesting to see what gets dropped along the way.

Head below for 5 Horror Movies With Misleading Trailers!!!

EVIL DEAD (2013)

A lot of you were mad when “cut it” was changed to “don’t cut it.” Even more of you were annoyed that the Shiloh Fernandez chainsaw blood spatter had been omitted. The movie still hits all the bases for me, but this obviously warrants inclusion on this list.


The holy grail of this piece, the question here isn’t “what was cut” but “what made it in?” Most of the money shots here aren’t even in the extended edition.

ALIEN 3 (1992)

Talk about selling a completely different movie. They didn’t stick to this one. At all.

SCREAM 2 (1997)

It’s time girlfriend!” Imagine being Wes Craven, you’re busy editing your movie and minding your own business. Then you see this. I’d be pissed. A strange trailer ADR choice to be sure, I’m grateful this line wasn’t in the film (nor do I think it was ever intended to be).


The bit at 1:22 with Kellan Lutz standing on the roof above the pool party isn’t in the film, but I’m guessing it’s from the original version of his death scene. And anything would be preferable to the self inflicted throat slashing he undergoes in the final cut.




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