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5 Horror Movies With Misleading Trailers!!!

While I’m not a purist on this (I don’t care if a movie is missing scenes from the trailer if the film itself ends up being good), I know that misleading trailers can irk quite a few people. Remember the woman who sued the distributor of Drive because she thought she was seeing a Fast & Furious style movie? While that’s a bit extreme, I sort of understand some other cases of this – the most recent example being a highly anticipated horror remake that neglected to include a certain chainsaw scene that featured heavily in its trailer.

I personally don’t think this stuff is worth getting super upset about, but on the off-chance you decide to see a movie based on one shot in the trailer and they don’t include that shot – you’re gonna be pretty pissed. Either way, I think this stuff is fascinating. I don’t believe that directors should be beholden to the studio’s marketing decisions when it comes to fine-tuning their movie (which often happens way later than the trailer’s release) – but it’s interesting to see what gets dropped along the way.

Head below for 5 Horror Movies With Misleading Trailers!!!

EVIL DEAD (2013)

A lot of you were mad when “cut it” was changed to “don’t cut it.” Even more of you were annoyed that the Shiloh Fernandez chainsaw blood spatter had been omitted. The movie still hits all the bases for me, but this obviously warrants inclusion on this list.


The holy grail of this piece, the question here isn’t “what was cut” but “what made it in?” Most of the money shots here aren’t even in the extended edition.

ALIEN 3 (1992)

Talk about selling a completely different movie. They didn’t stick to this one. At all.

SCREAM 2 (1997)

It’s time girlfriend!” Imagine being Wes Craven, you’re busy editing your movie and minding your own business. Then you see this. I’d be pissed. A strange trailer ADR choice to be sure, I’m grateful this line wasn’t in the film (nor do I think it was ever intended to be).


The bit at 1:22 with Kellan Lutz standing on the roof above the pool party isn’t in the film, but I’m guessing it’s from the original version of his death scene. And anything would be preferable to the self inflicted throat slashing he undergoes in the final cut.



  • Arthur23

    I get that people get upset with parts of the trailer not being in the movie. Even I get upset with that sometimes. But if there’s one genre of movies that may have an excuse for it it’s horror movies. Take the Evil Dead remake for instance. We all wanted to see the chainsaw scene, but we didn’t. But the movie got a NC-17 rating before the R rating. Which was exactly what the filmmakers wanted. They probably didn’t want to cut the scene, but maybe they didn’t have a choice. I’m not saying that all the trailers can use this as a baby blanket, I’m just saying that there are sometimes that we can’t blame them.

    • Panic

      And it would be fine except they aren’t releasing an uncut version on dvd or bluray nor do they contain the deleted scenes or alternate scenes.. which is stupid..

  • gibb424

    I would have put the Black Christmas remake in the list over Scream 2. It’s one line in the Scream 2 trailer (yes, it’s a horrible line) but the Black Christmas trailer was 85% stuff filmed just for the trailer.

    • SuperKilla

      So true, I was gonna say the same thing but you beat me to it, that trailer had nothing to do with the movie.

    • ill_mindedd

      am i the only one who thinks that THE CABIN IN THE WOODS was misleading? i loved the film but the trailer had me thinking it a completley different movie.

      • DarkOwl

        I disagree. TCITW trailer just didn’t want to show anything from the 2nd half of the movie, since that would spoil it.

  • Laurasaur25

    Ideally, trailers would display a sampling of the best scenes in order to get viewers excited for the film, and then the movie would contain those scenes plus more great ones. In reality, trailers tend to either show way too much, giving away the great scenes and having few additional great scenes in the movie, or they show different stuff, with scenes that are in the trailer but cut from the movie. I would much rather go see a movie where scenes were shown in the trailer but not the movie because then at least I see new stuff. Who wants to go into a movie and say “Hey, that’s a great scene, I saw it in the trailer”, for every single great scene? It’d be great if it could be the ideal but it seems to be a choice between the two. In Evil Dead, I was more upset about them cutting her in the cellar door saying “We’re going to get you…” since I think it would have added to the creep factor. But really that’s an argument against them cutting great scenes, not an against misleading trailers. Overall, that trailer showed way too much of the movie especially the shower scene where her face is revealed and the character cutting her arm off. PA3 was good in that it had good scenes in the trailer but then it had so much in the movie never seen before.

  • huntermc

    Trailers are usually done so far in advance that they’re using unfinished footage or alternate shots that may not make the cut in the final film.

  • Feydakin

    God, I remember that Alien 3 trailer… I was one of those people really disappointed when I finally saw it in the theatre when it came out.

  • codell85

    the apparition should have topped this list, then again, the only thing that made any money for that movie was the misleading trailer. not to mention the tri-fecta of twilight/harry potter/gossip girl teen stars and even that didn’t give it much saving grace.

  • OnEDGE

    Funny, the title to this article is somewhat misleading. I expected more trailers that led me to believe I was seeing one film but got another, not films that merely omitted a scene or line of dialogue.

    However, Alien 3 definitely qualifies. I remember hoping for an epic invasion of earth not the big dollop of stinky poo we got.

    • undertaker78

      I was going to say the same thing. I was expecting the article to showcase movies that advertised one thing and delivering something completely different.

      For example: Red Eye. I was expecting a supernatural movie with some sort of demonic dude on a plane (due to Cillian Murphy’s red eyes). I did like Red Eye but was disappointed because I was expecting something different.

    • Miikesmama

      Alien3: Not to defend this “trailer”/teaser/whatever, but I think with the line “in 1992 you’ll find out that on earth everyone can hear you scream” they didn’t mean that planet earth is going to be invaded by Aliens, but rather that they will release the movie in 1992 and it will be so terrifiying, that the audiences will scream in the theaters.

      Of course it ended up being terrifiying, but not in the way that they intended 🙂

  • Devils-Mentor

    Who remembers the nonexistent scene of Pinhead and the female cenobite dressed as doctors, in Hellraiser 2? The scene is even on the back of the VHS box.

    • horrorking95

      I remember hearing on the extras that everyone asks about that scene and that it was just a picture of them as doctors. It was going to be a scene where a doctor morphs into Pinhead but the effects weren’t quite right or something. Still would’ve loved to see it though!

  • jchano123

    What about Case 39?? that trailer was the complete opposite of the movie.

  • mobstar67

    a lot of people were misled by the trailer to the killer croc film Primeval…i never heard so many people complain coming out of the theater..they were expecting a film about a prolific serial killer and ended up with a big croc set in Africa..

  • mav07

    I would add “The Village”. But I guess not just the trailer but the whole film was misleading. I liked the spin at the end, but I was expecting a gruesome horror flick with monsters.

    • horrorking95

      YES! That trailer seemed re-cut to resemble a horror film! Terrible marketing.

    • evilfairydust

      YES. I loved “The Village”, but it was definitely NOT marketed correctly. The trailer made it look like this super scary monster movie, which it was not. I went to see it with like 10 people and they were all upset when we left. I thought it was great, but the trailer WAS misleading.

  • fmyers1

    BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006) always has to be on the top of any list about misleading horror trailers…

  • djblack1313

    yeah, Evan, i surprised you don’t have BLACK CHRISTMAS on this list. easily one of the most egregious examples of “misleading trailers” (i and others call it FALSE ADVERTISING) i’ve ever seen. that being said, i DO still like the BLACK CHRISTMAS remake but i wish those admittedly cool/awesome looking shot-specifically-for-the-trailer-scenes were actually in the movie. lol.

    PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 is the other most egregious example of false advertising….cough…i mean a false trailer that i’ve ever seen. they had some really cool/interesting looking scenes in the trailer that weren’t in the movie and yet they replaced those cool scenes with nothing cool or interesting. fuck them.

    • EvanDickson

      @djblack1313 ok guys forgive me! I forgot Black Christmas lol!

  • Canucklehead

    Between this practice and the seemingly increasing habit of showing the money shot, almost at the point where I don’t even watch the trailers anymore.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Misleading isn’t my big problem with the Evil Dead 2013 trailer. The problem for me, after watching the movie in theaters was, the trailer showed too much, and damn near gave away everything! I mean, hell they even give away a bit of the intro with the girl burning alive.

    There was ABSOLUTELY NO SHOCK FACTOR when I saw Evil Dead in theaters, because the trailers gave away the entire movie. The green band trailer wasn’t so bad, but man oh man the red band trailers damn near ruined the movie for me, to the point where I’m not 100% sure I’m gonna buy the DVD. Well, fuck it. I’ll buy the DVD anyway, because Jane Levy is awesome in it. lol.

    But as far as other misleading trailers go, yeah Paranormal Activity 3 BY FAR is my #1 pick. I hate the PA franchise, but the trailer was genuinely spooky and creepy…..and they didn’t show any of that stuff in the movie. And to make matters worse, PA 3 was another boring and uninteresting entry in the PA franchise. Pure dogshit.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Oh yes, Paranormal Activity 3. I probably would’ve liked that movie if I hadn’t seen the trailer first. I even gave it another chance recently and it still wasn’t good. Such a huge disappointment. I agree with a comment up there that The Apparition should definitely be on this list. Such a misleading trailer to a TERRIBLE movie.

    I actually really liked the beginning scene in the Nightmare remake and I know I would prefer it to the pool scene because it would’ve reminded me too much of NOES 2. Then again, I’m one of the very few people here who love the remake so my opinion probably doesn’t count. Oh well. Actually, the one scene that I was excited to see in it wasn’t in the movie either; when Katie Cassidy is in the attic, she shines the flashlight by a box, and Freddy’s peaking at her. Loved that scene. I thought it was really creepy and wish they would’ve at least included it in the deleted scenes.

    As for Evil Dead, I loved every minute of it. I didn’t even notice that scene was missing because I enjoyed the movie so much. I’m sure they’ll include that scene, as well as others, on an upcoming DVD release. Still the best movie I’ve seen this year. The only movies I can see possibly being on par with it is The Conjuring and maybe Insidious 2.

  • FreakyFreelings

    This is not actually a horror movie, although some may disagree since the final edit was a horrific piece of shit. The movie HUSH with Jessica Lange and Gwenyth Paltrow…if you watch the trailer half of what is in it (the good parts) are not in the movie. HUSH was originally titled ‘KILRONAN’ and had Jessica and Gwenyth fighting it out Fatal Attraction style amidst a huge fire. Jessica was killed with a bolt gun to the head. The director decided that he wanted a more “cerebral thriller” and went with the heavily edited movie with a the talky ending we saw in the theater. The film was hacked to pieces in editing and scenes were re-shot so Gwen shows up in a bad blonde wig midway through the movie. When it was released on BluRay I had high hopes that the deleted scenes would have been included since it looked like a much better movie the first time around. No luck. What a bummer. Jessica Lange rocks. They should release the original version of HUSH as the trailer portrays.

  • Iago

    Actually, I have to cry foul at including Alien 3, because that makes the title of the article misleading. That “trailer” is not a trailer at all; rather, it is a teaser. It was released before a single frame had been shot for the film — before the movie had even gone into production. And anyone familiar with the development hell on that film would not be surprised that whole concept of the film changed, repeatedly, before it even started filming.

    It used to be much more common for studios to shoot special footage for advance teasers before the movies ever went into production. Rambo 2 would be another example, and Alfred Hitchcock actually did that quite a bit as well. If you really want to include teasers on this list, in reality the majority of teasers ever made would have to be included, as they are all made prior to production, or at least very early in production. But there are plenty of trailers that were released DURING production which include footage that never made it to the final film, or that are deliberately marketing the film in a deceptive fashion.

  • EvilHead1981

    I know people always wonder about the NOES reboot party scene, and how it would’ve been better than the diner scene, but has anybody ever read the script with that pool party scene? The idea and the dialog is HORRENDOUS. The diner scene, while not good, had far more tolerable dialog and didn’t seem like a “Oh, look at us! We be crazy partiers! Let’s focus heavily on people smoking weed and drinking beer, because that’s the ONLY thing people do at parties. I basically envisioned that pool party to be like what would be used in Project X, just tamer. I remember, at the time, brining it up and I wondered if PD would use All-American Rejects “Give you Hell” for the party, and some people were all like, “Yeah dude, that would fuckin ROCK! Then all the people in the party would sing along!”. That’s kinda the stupidity I would’ve envisioned for that scene.

    Interestingly, it’s not like the diner scene saved the film. It’s was totally fucked up beyond reasoning. Attach PD to the film and that’s what happens.

    • evilfairydust

      I actually though the diner scene was the only part of the whole film that felt like a NOES movie. The dream starts out normal (like you’re not sure if it’s real or not), and gets progressively weirder. After that it’s just like…who approved this script??

  • Evan3

    Damn, what in the world was up with that Alien3 trailer? The implication that the aliens were coming to Earth aside, what the hell is up with the cracking egg? The studio obviously had lost all understanding of the series. Clueless.

    • thatenddown

      It is the same cracking egg (and the same teaser, for that matter) as the original teaser for Alien.

  • Vip3re

    The most misleading and falsely advertised movie trailer I have ever seen is the one for “Catfish”. I really thought I was going to watch a weird found footage horror movie but ended up seeing something TOTALLY the opposite.

  • AshleyG

    I really wish they would have had the “We’re going to get you” scene in the Evil Dead remake, it sounded so creepy.

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