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6 MORE Upcoming Horror Games That Look Terrifying!

The Forest

Not much is known about The Forest, outside of its premise. After your plane crashes you find yourself trapped, alone and isolated, in a forest a tribe of cannibalistic mutants call home. It’s an open world survival horror game with an emphasis on survival and exploration. Basically, it’s Cannibal Holocaust meets The Descent.

The in-game world has been crafted to give you, the player, as much freedom as possible. The world itself is open and very much alive. Always-changing weather patterns, realistic plant life that grows and dies, a day/night cycle, all crammed in a massive forest with a labyrinthine series of caves and underground lakes hidden beneath it.

Like Minecraft, you’ll spend your days scavenging and fortifying your home base, because at night, the forest’s denizens come out to play.

Paranormal: The Town

We haven’t seen much of anything from Paranormal’s upcoming (free) expansion, The Town, but after all the time I spent with the original game — you can watch one of my playthroughs below — I’m very excited to see what developer Matt Cohen does with this.

Paranormal: The Town will expand the terror from the original game into a foggy town that sounds just as unnerving to explore as Silent Hill. The scares and hauntings will be randomly generated, so every time you play will bring with it a unique experience. I can’t wait.

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