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6 MORE Upcoming Horror Games That Look Terrifying!


Whereas every game on this list is played from the first person perspective, Darkwood is played from the top-down perspective. Similar to Paranormal, Darkwood uses procedural generation, only in this game, the entire world is randomized every time you play.

It’s a rogue-like — games in this subgenre are usually difficult, have perma-death, and randomized worlds — with strong survival horror elements. You’ll explore, craft items and traps, level up to unlock new perks, and use these new-found skills to defend against eerie creatures that would very much like to tear you apart.

It also looks delightfully old school.


I only recently played Pulse, a horror-ish indie game where you’re completely blind. You “see” and explore and solve puzzles using a form of echolocation, which, through sound, reveals the world. It’s gorgeous, original, and at times, extremely terrifying. Sometimes, the scariest things are what you can’t see, so if the unknown terrifies you even a little, you’re going to love Pulse.

You can watch me play it below, or you can download the demo and play it yourself (the link is in the video’s description).

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