Sony Posts Mysterious "When Worlds Collide" Teaser - Bloody Disgusting!

Sony Posts Mysterious “When Worlds Collide” Teaser

Sony has posted a mysterious image on their Facebook and Twitter with the message “When Worlds Collide.” I have no idea what this could be, but I’m certainly intrigued.

Could it be related to the PlayStation 4 — possibly a launch date for the console — or maybe it’s a new exclusive? Whatever it is, we’ll likely hear more soon. In the meantime, feel free to give us your predictions/theories, after the break.

I’m not sure what it could be, but so far my favorite theory is this:

  • Trioxin83

    As much as I would squeal like a school girl in a tentacle filled hentai for that prediction, wouldn’t it come from Valve and not Sony?

    • Adam Dodd

      Lol, it’s not Half-Life 3. That was a joke. 😉

      • Trioxin83

        Shit I fed the troll lol! My gullibility is high today heh 🙂

        • Adam Dodd

          It happens to the best of us!

  • J-SiN


    Next solar eclipse is Nov. 3. Certainly in line with previous release dates, but this would be a Sunday. The next lunar eclipse is Oct. 18. Too early for a release if you ask me, but it is a Friday and would make for a fantastic weekend. Ps2 was released mid October.

    Time will tell.

  • masterofhorror1985

    When worlds collide…

    Could it be possible that they’re just hyping up the release of Destiny?

    Brought to you by two major game publishers: Bungie & Activision.

    One responsible for Halo and the other for Call Of Duty.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Hmm. Color me intrigued.

  • November has been the expected release of the PS4 since the Xbox One is releasing in November. I predict that this is about the release date being OCTOBER 18TH!!!!! This is when the next Lunar Eclipse is and that would position PS4 to come out before Xbox One.