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Aliens Invade During Severe ‘Snowfall’

Benderspink and Evan Astrowsky have come on board to produce science-fiction horror vehicle Snowfall with Clark Baker directing, Variety reports.

Story, written by Brooks Elms & Glenn Sanders, “takes place during a storm of the century blizzard and tracks a diverse group of Chicago residents trapped on the El Train, only to discover the storm is just a part of a cover for an alien invasion.

Astrowsky produced Cabin Fever and the upcoming Cabin Fever: Patient Zero.

Baker directed the short film “Vessel,” which Paramount Insurge acquired last year and set up as a feature project. Bloody Disgusting premiered the short exclusively to the online community.

Project already has a presentation reel online below.



  • Phawaz

    Dire Wraiths from Rom: The Space Knight?

    Issue(s): ROM #60
    Published Date: Nov 84
    Title: “The eyes of a child!”
    Bill Mantlo – Writer
    Steve Ditko – Penciler
    Tom Palmer – Inker

    ROM, Starshine, and Rick Jones investigate a train that was attacked by ‘Dire Wraiths’ during the blizzard caused when the Casket of Ancient Winter was broken. They discover a massacre.

  • dcshka

    It’s not a Snowfall trailer, it’s just a cut of different trailers, like Midnight meat train, 30 Days of Night ect


    ^ exactly

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