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Fans Are Petitioning Microsoft To Bring Back Restrictive Xbox One Policies

Remember the shitstorm Microsoft stirred up when they unveiled the Xbox One, its required Internet connection, and those hugely restrictive DRM policies that would’ve kept us from being able to freely trade in and loan our games? Had Sony not confirmed that none of that anti-consumer garbage would be making its way to the PlayStation 4, Microsoft wouldn’t have been forced to pull a Xbox One-80 and remedy many of the more serious issues that plagued the console.

Obviously, it was never all bad. There are plenty reasons to be excited about the online functionality of the Xbox One, but in no way is any of that worth losing our right to do what we want with games we spend $60 on. Apparently, not everyone agrees with that, as thousands of fans have come together to petition Microsoft to bring back those restrictive policies.

Seriously. More after the jump.

The petition, which at the time of this writing has accumulated 5,600 signatures, requests Microsoft to bring back these limitations.

“”This was to be the future of entertainment,” writes campaign leader Dave Fontenot. “A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox. But consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty.

“We want this back. It can’t be all or nothing, there must be a compromise.”

They do make a good point about the uninformed bit, even though that was solely Microsoft’s fault for not explaining the console as well as they should have. I’ve never seen such confusion regarding the features and functionality of a new console, and that certainly hurt its debut.

There’s no chance Microsoft will pull a re-reversal on the Xbox One, because that’d be an awful idea and it’d make them look really, really bad. Even still, it makes me a little sad seeing so many people rally against a cause that does nothing but hurt the consumer.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

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