5 Horror Movies That Would Make Great Musicals - Bloody Disgusting
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5 Horror Movies That Would Make Great Musicals




From the team that brought you ‘Grease’, Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator!

I want you to envision this: Dr. Hill’s body juggling Dr. Hill’s head, rolling it up and down its arms (a la Evil Dead 2), all while the Dr. Hill’s head is singing about his hatred for Herbert West and how much it is in love with Megan Halsey.

Not good enough for you? Alright, then envision THIS: Remember the scene where all those bodies come back to “life” in the morgue? That. That scene. If done properly, that scene could be the true competitor to Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller”. All those zombies doing a choreographed dance WHILE engaging in a staged battle with Dan Cain. If that doesn’t get your musical theater panties all glistening and moist (such a gross word), then clearly you don’t have a strong enough imagination. I’m currently sliding off my seat just writing this.

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