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5 Horror Movies That Would Make Great Musicals

The Human Centipede

Yes, I do realize that there is a musical on YouTube. However, that’s not stopping me from believing that a big budget, fully realized musical might very well be one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a while. I mean, let’s be perfectly honest and admit that this movie is pretty damn boring for the first 45 minutes. Nothing really happens and then suddenly BAM! Shit gets going! (kind of a pun?)

Picture, if you will, the Doctor singing maniacally while the centipede crawls around in front of him. Then, imagine a song where Katsuro is tormented at the thought of eating, not wanting to defecate into the ladies’ mouths. How about Lindsay mumbling a song while she’s stuck between the dead bodies of Katsuro and Jenny. I mean, I’m tearing up at the very thought of it.

Oh, and if taken on Broadway, when Katsuro poops into Lindsay’s mouth, the front rows of the audience get sprayed with raw sewage. Splatter Seating comes at a premium cost and sells out months in advance. Guaranteed.

Alright my lovely, demented readers, what horror movies do YOU think would make for a good musical? Let me know in the comments below!

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