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Box Art For The ‘Chucky: Complete Collection’ Revealed!!

I think it’s kind of cool that the upcoming Curse of Chucky will be included in Universal Home Entertainment’s Blu-ray box set “Chucky: The Complete Collection Limited Edition”. If you end up being a fan of the film, you won’t have to double dip later!

In the boxed set, “Set a play date with Chucky as all six movies come together for the first time in the chilling Chucky Complete Collection Limited Edition. The killer doll torments his original victim, young Andy Barclay, in Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2 and Child’s Play 3. Then the ruthless redhead teams up with his dream doll, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. Chucky is back again in Curse of Chucky to terrorize a family with whom he shares a mysterious connection. Oozing with hours of bonus materials, the Chucky Complete Collection Limited Edition is a thrilling, chilling, campy, must-own set. Wanna play?

Head below to check out the art!



  • SlothyPunk

    Silly question, but is Blu Ray region locked? I’m in Australia and I want this box set day one. What’s the deal-eo there?

  • Bouncy X

    i feel it was given Curse would be in this, they often do that with new franchise movies when they hit video. release a collection and include the new one. but what shocked me is seeing that the first movie is involved. is there any news out there for how this happened? did Universal simply get permission (hence the limited and US only release) or do they now own it and it’ll always be theirs?

  • ThunderDragoon

    Beautiful. I definitely have to get this.

  • Kroork

    It’s awesome but I have read that child’s play 2 and 3 will just be the same as the bare bones DVDs.

    • Bouncy X

      that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Part 1 will likely be the same disc thats already out and then 4 and 5 will probably get whatever extras were on the dvds (i’m hoping) and of course 6 has its own set of stuff.

  • mav07

    god damn he looks like a garbage pale kid in the new one

  • myers78

    SlothyPunk 1:34 am, July 11, 2013| REPLY
    Silly question, but is Blu Ray region locked? I’m in Australia and I want this box set day one. What’s the deal-eo there? Universal discs are region free. But so glad I have a few region free players saying that .

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