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Man Kills Spider, Feels Bad, Writes Song As An Apology

Browsing through Reddit, I came upon a thread about a guy who was playing guitar when a spider came and sat upon his leg to enjoy the music. Now, in my opinion, the guy did the right thing by beating the ever living shit out of the spider, tearing it limb from limb, and pretty much going all Hulk on its ass. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not a fan of spiders in the slightest.

However, this guy (who goes by the moniker Lucky Criminal), for some odd reason, felt bad about his natural reaction (which probably saved his life) and decided to write a song about it. It’s a simple, pleasant little acoustic tune but it features a weird video (why does his head keep morphing like that?!). Give it a watch below and, if you liked it, you can purchase it here!

“Vessel” lyrics:
This vessel of mine and it’s needs fears desires
how silly am I to think I had control
when you came to my side out of worry and of wonder
my mind was too wary thought you too scary

So suddenly my chimpanzee lizard brain reaction brought a crushing hand down and I’m so sorry that it happened but there’s nothing I can do now but feel the pain you can’t so I will I’m sorry little spider-bro still

This vessel of mine such anxious disposition
so quickly to judge and lay out decisions
it’s enemies within but it’s lashing out consistant
you should have known the danger couldn’t keep yourself a stranger

This vessel of mine a jumbled bag of feelings
a dopamine junkie from the receptors I am wielding
and nothing must get in its way and I’m sorry that you did that day

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