In 'Dark Antarctic' You Can Tear Monsters In Half With Your Bare Hands - Bloody Disgusting!

In ‘Dark Antarctic’ You Can Tear Monsters In Half With Your Bare Hands


Survival horror games tend to instill in the player a feeling of helplessness. You’re often alone and hopelessly outnumbered, and that makes the experience more terrifying. In Dark Antarctic, a recently released indie horror PC game crafted by Rain Pohlak, you’ll be alone and outnumbered, but with your character’s arsenal of brutal executions you’ll rarely feel entirely helpless.

Dark Antarctic’s flavor is decidedly decidedly old school, both visually and in terms of its 2D beat ’em up gameplay. It also brings with it buckets — nay, vats — of gore. Check out its launch trailer after the jump.

If you’re interested, you can grab Dark Antarctic for $6.66 (ha) here.

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  • TheDeadman19

    Everything about this game is awesome. I really hope the music is like that the entire game.
    Sounds like my friends band <.<

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s adorable. Satanic Nazis? XD