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[Dead Days Of Summer] ‘The Cat Lady’ Giveaway!

Welcome to the Dead Days of Summer, where we try our best to give you something to play/read during the dreaded summer video game drought. Because who goes outside anymore?

I just want to let you know that if you’re getting tired of me giving away free games, you can tell me. I’ll happily oblige. Maybe I can write a list of the Top 5 Scariest Cats In Video Games. That’d be fun, right? Oh, speaking of cats (I’m so good at segues), today we’re giving out five codes to download The Cat Lady on PC!

Read on for details.

If you’d like to boast to your friends how you won an indie horror adventure game about cats and ladies who adore them, this might be the easiest contest to win. All I need you to do is tell me in the comments below how many cats is too many, and why. Can you put a number on how many cats a person can own before it gets weird? I guess we’re about to find out.

Need some inspiration? All right…

Now get to work!

Winners will be chosen a week from now, on Monday, July 29th.

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  • SickAxe

    One cat usually does the trick.

  • devonm90

    No more than two.

  • DylanDaVillan

    well see, 2 or 3 cats seems to be an okay limit, but once it gets to like 4-7, your kinda like “errrmmmm okay abit of a crazy cat lady”, when it gets to 8-12 its like, she must be a cat junkie or something close, i think i just sat on a cat, shit, and anything beyond that is like “lets get the fuck out of here and never come back to catty, the god of crazy cat bitches”

  • fetysha

    Any amount over 10? Admittedly, I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady myself though.

  • huntermc

    One cat is too many, at least if you’re my wife or my step-son who are too goddamned lazy to be bothered to clean the litter box.

  • Raziel_cz

    Usually one, if you are allergic…

  • ljbad

    If you’re a professional cat breeder, I won’t judge you for having as many cats as you want. Otherwise, anything over 4 is pushing it.

  • shutie10

    There is no such thing as too many cats. I think the only time when it is weird to have a lot of cats is when your house is actually wall to wall pussy. Other than that, it is completely normal.

  • wench0565

    Three is too many. They, like raptors, hunt in packs. So when you sleep at night, one can act as lookout by the bedroom door, one covers your mouth to smother you and the other pinches your nose holes shut with both front paws. One or two you can take out if they try to kill you. Three…count down to your doom.

  • GiantEvilBaby

    If you need a litter box in every room, you qualify as the crazy cat lady.

  • fustercluck

    my fear would be 3. one to claw your eyes out in your sleep, and the other 2 with their spooky glowing eyes to decide what to do with your dead body when its all over.

    whatever dude. my mom had 3 cats and they scared the bejesus outta me. don’t judge me.

  • Ewoksix

    one becase they have nine lives

  • megamelfina

    I think it is less about the number of cats that make you a crazy cat person, but how you treat your cats.

    Are you the kind of person who allows their cat to eat off their plate? Do you dress your cat in outfits? Does your cat have their own Facebook page? If yes, then you may be a crazy cat person and one cat may push you over the edge.

  • WonderWoman13

    Hmmm… can one really have to many cats ??? I mean after awhile the you won’t be able to smell a damn thing and cleaning the litter boxes could be a daunting task.. but think of all the strays you will be saving … bwahahaha!!!

  • ThinkingSwan

    It really depends on the cat. For example, if the cat is alive, it probably isn’t smart to introduce other dead cats to it in fear that the live cat will start to cannibalize it’s dead companion. That is, unless you are experimenting with a gene for cat zombism. In that case, the internet will go batshit crazy. On second thought, that is an epic plan. So, in all, one living and one dead cat are appropriate as long as you are sure the living cat will eat the dead cat and have access to the cat only zombism gene.

  • dfskelleton

    How many cats is too many?
    That’s easy; it’s however many it takes to ruthlessly kill someone.

  • rebelkatz

    I think that a person can have as many cats as he/she wants to as long as that person can afford it (food, vet bills, etc.) and has enough space and time to take care of them… But then again, I’m a cat fanatic… :3

  • allison1262

    I would have to say 3, but the amount of cat sweaters/decor does factor into the equation. If cats are being incorporated into your everyday wardrobe you need to ask yourself why? who am I trying to impress, my cats? they don’t give a shit.

  • death-eater

    9 cats, and all the same colour and size
    so you can boast you have a single, “9 lives” kitty. It gets weird when you start making demonstrations…

  • Shuuya

    Depends on what your dreams and aspirations in life are – if you want to give away your “crazy cat lady” vibe all around you, then you should have as many as possible. If you want to be known as a nice animal friendly person, two or three should be a maximum. And if you can’t stand those cute little beings, you probably shouldn’t own any – you would just be frustrated.

  • Caseous

    This is a trick question right? It’s impossible to have too many cats. As long as you have the means to care for them, I say, go nuts! It’s often difficult to know how many cats an individual has at any given time. They are tricky like that! Cats are a true gift to humanity. Beautiful, majestic, wild creatures. Who else would bring you a lifeless baby mouse then curl up on your lap and purr so innocent and sweet!? Life would be a sad place without cats. And yes, my cats eat off my plate and have several outfits depending on the occasion. <3 CATS 4L!

  • BornVillian

    One cat seems like more than enough. Two cats max if theyre the same sex. It wouldn’t be too jolly to go for a vacation only to come back into a house where you’ve legally reached full blown crazy cat lady statues. Those cats are sneaky when it comes to mating.

  • Black_dahlia

    When you open a door and you’re covered in an avalanche of them, that might be an excessive amount of cats.

  • marshmellow

    It’s okay as long as people don’t call you crazy cat lady!!

  • bobbyiceb


  • BHC

    I don’t know if I’m fully qualified to answer since I have 8 cats at the moment….but I guess having 25 and up is a little insane.

  • hp_lovecat

    There is no such thing as too many cats. It never gets weird.

  • spydr36

    For me 1 is too many, but for others over 3 gets kind of crowded and then anywhere near 8-10 your becoming crazy cat person.

  • embarrassedtobehuman

    2 cats initially, then one cat per extra person. I have 2 roommates so reasonably we could have 4 cats.

  • haleymcfarland

    When the people from Hoarders find a dead cat under your sofa and you never noticed the smell or that he or she was missing.

  • Beardy

    If your deep freeze is full of cats, you have too many.

  • mikekittle

    I’m not really a cat person, so I like to limit that number down to around 1 unless a pretty girl could convince me to up it by maybe one.

  • jrondolo

    More than 2. Its more harder to train them than dogs.

  • spacefrog3

    If the majority of your day is spent feeding cats and scooping out cat boxes…you have too many cats.

  • Lolitaix

    If you can take care of them, I don’t see anything wrong. But if someone finds a dead cat in your house, that you haven’t noticed missing, there’s a problem somewhere. Oh yes, and I’m a crazy cat person myself 😀

  • RicardoH

    Hmm, I would say that if a person loves cats they can get them as much as they want. I think if you have atleast 10-15 cats, it’s starts to be really awkward.

    Cats are really cute-(even if they don’t have eyes) And btw I like cats more than dogs because, cats are easier to take care of and they are not so aggressive to other people!

  • Extremebirdwatching

    It’s simple: to have 10234 cats is ok, but having 10235 would be too much.

  • TDBT

    If you have more cats than you are capable of looking after, you are nearing Crazy Cat Person levels.

    If you have more cats than human contacts, you are nearing Crazy Cat Person levels.

    If you have an Open House, which allows cats to come in and out at their leisure, and you don’t know how many cats you technically have, you are a Crazy Cat Person.

  • kitty1985

    I say there’s no limit. If you feel comfortable with the amount of cats you own, then who cares? It’s not hurting anyone. Although, if you turn into Willard except with cats instead of rats, then there’s a problem lol. Otherwise, embrace your inner crazy cat lady!

  • J-SiN

    It really depends on how many gifts you like to have brought to your doorstep. I’m down to 13 cats now, all but one live outside. I get gifts everyday, sometimes more than once a day. It might be a squirrel today, tomorrow it will be a snake, and the next day a bird or rabbit. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  • axlslave

    Well, I have 3 cats. I also have 3 kids too, so technically I get a pass (in my own head at least). I will say 4 is too many that way I disqualify myself from the too many cats category.

  • TheDeadman19

    I usually like it when every surface is covered in either cat or cat hair. But if you want an specific amount, it’s 347kg.
    That’s like 70 normal sized cats, or as many kittens as you like, because, let’s be honest, you can’t have enough kittens.
    OH FAT CATS. Usually 5-8 really fat cats should drive any human over the edge. Just think about the amount of food you’d have to buy. And store somewhere. Then all the poop. When you’re done cleaning one box, the next one is full already.

    I think the number of cats varies depending on the weight of the cats. And size.

    Why do you ask so silly questions?

    OH I GOT IT!
    1 hairless, skinny, naked cat. That’s enough. You’re crazy.
    Name it Snufflebutt

  • W0rthyTimel0rd

    No more than 5 cats! More than that is so creepy!

  • don’t_cry

    Speaking as someone who has always had kitties, it depends entirely on the person/family raising those kitties. I found myself, through an uncaught pregnancy, with MANY cats (currently) and all are very well cared for, fixed, vaccinated and fed like royalty…then I have a friend with one who lives in his truck and smokes as many cigarettes as he does. For him ONE is too many.

  • quijote3000

    One is fine.

    Two, three, yeah, why not?

    Four, five, six, seven. Oooook. Oh, well.

    Eight, nine, ten, this is starting to get weird, let’s not look at that old lady too much.

    Twenty, thirty, fourty… Fly, you fools!

  • RoomOfAngel

    I myself once had 11, which was nice to us, but is kinda weird now that I think about it. I’d say….it starts to get weird at 7. Which means I was really weird back then.

  • reeladdict

    You can never have too many cats. They come in handy in situations like that film Sleepwalkers. Oh and when ALF comes and visits he needs something to snack on.

  • plainsmaster

    had a friend who had over five, and the smell in his house was almost to much to take.. there was not enough cat litter in the world to keep the smell down plus then the state came to his home and said if he wanted to keep all his animals (he had like five dogs as well) he would have to get a kennel license so i’d go with anything over 3 cats as to many.

  • CrazyCatLady

    Mr. Whiskers says there’s no such thing as too many.

  • Olivia

    I’d say once you start getting to four or five, things get out of control. That being said… cats are good for blaming the ‘bumps in the night’ on, so I’m always ok with keeping a few around.

  • chris99x

    You really can’t have too many. I buy myself one every year for my birthday, so I now have 25. They make the greatest friends, don’t they? I like to throw parties with mine. I even had a middle school reunion with all of my cats! Nobody ever wants to come to my house because I name all of my cats after people I know in real life. My landlord Linda doesn’t like it when the cat Linda bites her ankles! But anyways, you can never have too many. They are my only friends.

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