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[Dead Days Of Summer] ‘The Cat Lady’ Giveaway!

Welcome to the Dead Days of Summer, where we try our best to give you something to play/read during the dreaded summer video game drought. Because who goes outside anymore?

I just want to let you know that if you’re getting tired of me giving away free games, you can tell me. I’ll happily oblige. Maybe I can write a list of the Top 5 Scariest Cats In Video Games. That’d be fun, right? Oh, speaking of cats (I’m so good at segues), today we’re giving out five codes to download The Cat Lady on PC!

Read on for details.

If you’d like to boast to your friends how you won an indie horror adventure game about cats and ladies who adore them, this might be the easiest contest to win. All I need you to do is tell me in the comments below how many cats is too many, and why. Can you put a number on how many cats a person can own before it gets weird? I guess we’re about to find out.

Need some inspiration? All right…

Now get to work!

Winners will be chosen a week from now, on Monday, July 29th.

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