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Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The PlayStation 4

In case our ongoing coverage of the PlayStation 4 hasn’t been as informative as you’d like it to be, PlayStation Access is here to fill in the gaps. In their video, they detail twenty lesser known features of Sony’s upcoming console, like the fact that the touchscreen on the PS4’s controller doubles as a pressable button. Crazy.

Get your learn on after the jump!

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  • DANTEarg

    Sorry, english is not my first lenguage. Could anybody tell me if they said that you can play with PS3 games on Ps4? thanks.

  • Bouncy X

    yes and no.

    you’ll be able to download PS3 games it seems, but the PS4 wont play PS3 discs. i’m not sure what happens to PS3 games you downloaded on the current PS3 though, since you’re using the same PSN account…i wonder if they’ll let you redownload those for free. assuming they have them available of course.

    • DANTEarg


  • ThunderDragoon

    Beautiful. *_* I can’t wait to hold and own one of these beauties. I really hope one of the 140 games currently in development is The Legend of Dragoon 2. They’ve been dangling tiny things in our faces about it, so it has to be happening!

    • Nothing333

      Omg yes please! Legend 2 would be amazing.

  • To-Mega-Therion

    Fantastic stuff this! Can not wait for this console to come out. I have always sat firmly in the sony camp when it comes to consoles (even though I have had several XBOX’s over time) but this just smacks of ‘hitting the ground running!’. It makes the XBOX ONE launch pale in its shadow, though I am sure they will sort it out!

    Roll on PS4!

  • joesey


  • Polsdofer

    console and controller looks like shit imo

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    So does this mean blu-rays and dvd’s won’t be region locked either?!?

  • birnhamwoods

    Regarding the cloud service, I’m still waiting to hear if we’ll have to pay for PS3 titles that we already own on disc. Has anyone seen any info on this?

  • Canucklehead

    21. I like Sony machine

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