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Enter The Wasteland With Our First ‘Mad Max’ Gameplay Footage

The makers of of the Just Cause series are currently hard at work on the next-gen Mad Max game you might remember seeing at E3 last month. The reveal was your typical CG trailer, this is actual gameplay footage. The game is still a ways off, so I’m sure the final product will look significantly better. As it is, Mad Max looks a lot like Rage, which makes me want a Rage sequel, then I remember that isn’t happening and then I get sad.

Anyway, enjoy the brand bandit spanking new gameplay trailer after the break!

Mad Max rolls onto the PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014.

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  • rgold

    Wow, I kinda thought it was going to be Tom Hardy’s “Max” to go along with “Fury Road.” Guess I was way off. Still looks good tho

    • weresmurf

      The Max design there, facially kind does look like Hardy, well, moreso than it does Mel. Still, it’s a pity they couldn’t make it look like the originals Mel isn’t it? I’m just glad they got the common sense to get him voiced by an Australian. Wish the narration had been aussie too, but, I’ll take a win where I can get a win.

  • turtlenipple

    Hoping this will help tide me over until Fallout 4……..

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