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[Comic-Con ’13] ‘Predator’ Gets 3-D Treatment, Uses Con For Coolest Promo EVER!

Just last night the official Facebook page for Twentieth Century Fox’s 2010 Predators was updated with a teaser image to hunt the Predator at the forthcoming San Diego Comic-Con. Speculation ran from a new game, to a sequel starring Arnold Schwarzenegger to even a reboot. It was none of the above.

The LA Times played detective and god the skinny on the “big” announcement, which goes from lame to astoundingly badass.

Says the site, to mark the 3-D Blu-ray release (that’s the big surprise – a post-conversion of a classic film) of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring Predator, Fox is dedicating a jungle-themed booth to the film and its iconic extra-terrestrial.

Predator fans will be able to purchase custom-designed mini-figurines featuring their likeness, which is easily the coolest promotion ever to hit the Con.

The action figures will be created using photographs of participants (taken at the booth) and 3-D printing. The figurines will be mailed to buyers after the convention. The site included a sneak peak at the aforementioned link.

The booth will also feature a Comic-Con exclusive Predator 3D head as well as the opportunity to preorder the Blu-ray.




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