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[Comic-Con ’13] Steamy New “The Walking Dead” Still Makes Me Rant…

One of the greatest tricks in television that locks in a viewer for multiple seasons is a looming romance that’s so uncomfortable it’s actually engaging. Shows like “Frasier”, “The X-Files”, “Castle”, “House”, “Bones”, “Lost”, and even more recently “True Blood” and “Dexter”, have mastered this, teasing the viewer until they are about to burst.

This is only one of the major problems with AMC’s average “The Walking Dead”, which continues into its fourth season this October.

The insanely popular show is taking over the San Diego Comic-Con, beginning today with EW‘s premiere of the following animated gif. The image makes steam blow out of my ears because it reminds me of one of the major reasons the show rubs me the wrong way – I know that in the Image comic, created by Robert Kirkman, Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) hook up quite early, but in a television series it’s something that should be treated much more precious. The fact that it was so rushed gives us viewers nothing to look forward to, and only injects the series with a fear of loss – meaning, we’re always afraid one of them may die, leaving the other alone for the rest of their life. That’s pretty dire, and not very fun.

But, I digress, you guys really love the show, so I don’t want to stomp on your parade. Thus, enjoy this beautiful image of Glenn and Maggie locking lips. If this were something that occurred in the Season 3 finale, well, I’d be much more excited.




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