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The ‘Evil Dead’ Sequel Will Give Homage To 80’s Horror!

Now that the Evil Dead remake (although, it’s technically a sequel) is on home video, director Fede Alvarez has begun openly talking about the sequel, which he officially announced back in March at the SXSW premiere.

Our friends at Collider caught up with Alvarez for the home video release, and was able to get an update on his Evil Dead 2.

We’re discussing,” says Alvarez, explaining that they’re still in early stages of development. “We’re still talking with Sam [Raimi] about it and trying to figure out what we should do.

Maybe because I’m a child of the 80’s, but for me a sequel is a story that follows the previous one, and sometimes if you haven’t seen the original then you don’t understand the second one,” he adds, using Back to the Future 2 as an example. “So that’s kind of my ideal sequel – a movie that continues the story, takes one character and moves on, and moves forward with that character that survived with the first one.

But that’s easier said than done: “The reality of the industry today is that the sequel is just the same concept, but with a new bunch of characters. That’s the reality of Final Destination or Saw. But I don’t think, personally, we should just get a new bunch of kids and throw them in the cabin and open the book again. So that’s what we’re trying to- were just going back and forth about what is the reality of the market and what kind of film should we do.

Although it’s assumed Alvarez will direct, he explains that right now his only involvement is as a writer. We’ll have to report back when he’s officially signed on to direct.




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