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Teen Brutally Murders Dad With Spiked Bat Inspired By ‘Dead Rising 2’

Andreu Tur Coll, an 18 year-old heir to his father’s €50 million fortune confessed to murdering his dad with a spiked bat inspired by Dead Rising 2 this past Friday. The bat had three four-inch nails embedded in it. Apparently, the ties to gaming don’t end there, as his accomplice, the 20 year-old Francisco Zaragoza Abbas Rodriguez, is someone he met while playing Call of Duty. More after the jump.

The duo bludgeoned Coll’s father with the spike bat — hitting him forty times with it — a hammer and a vase, before finishing him off with a large speaker.


After the brutal slaying, Coll and Abbas spent hours cleaning the murder scene to make it look like a poorly executed robbery. Unfortunately for them, trace amounts of blood found at the scene tied them to the murder. They were arrested after the funeral.

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