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Teen Brutally Murders Dad With Spiked Bat Inspired By ‘Dead Rising 2’

Andreu Tur Coll, an 18 year-old heir to his father’s €50 million fortune confessed to murdering his dad with a spiked bat inspired by Dead Rising 2 this past Friday. The bat had three four-inch nails embedded in it. Apparently, the ties to gaming don’t end there, as his accomplice, the 20 year-old Francisco Zaragoza Abbas Rodriguez, is someone he met while playing Call of Duty. More after the jump.

The duo bludgeoned Coll’s father with the spike bat — hitting him forty times with it — a hammer and a vase, before finishing him off with a large speaker.


After the brutal slaying, Coll and Abbas spent hours cleaning the murder scene to make it look like a poorly executed robbery. Unfortunately for them, trace amounts of blood found at the scene tied them to the murder. They were arrested after the funeral.

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  • HorrorManiac666

    What the FUCK is wrong with some people?

  • Voorhees83

    I’m sure it was the video games murdering the dad and had nothing to do with the 18 year old or fortune at all.

  • Ultrazilla

    Great…let the anti video gaming craziness begin again. Luckily sane people realize these douche bags would have murdered him regardless of what games they were or were not playing.

  • Joe-Banger

    Its the one million dollar insanity defense here people! Those 2 idiots are just trying to keep from going to prison and becoming someone else’s bitch’es! If they succeed they will go to a mental hospital for life. FUCK the excuse’s! Video games are partly based on reality (except zombies arent real) and people kill other people all the time and when death and violence are not blamed on video games who takes the responsibility?

  • bambi_lives8980

    Yeah here we fucking go again. It’s so funny how this shit happens at the height of the video-games-causing-real-life-violence debate. Just like as soon as the anti gun president gets re-elected all kinds of people start mass murdering people with the guns the specifically want to ban. Wonderful.

    On a side note, fuck murdering your dad if you’ve got 50 mil coming your way. No matter how much of a dick he is, you’re a moron for not just waiting for him to die naturally and being set for life instead of imprisoned for life.

  • weresmurf

    Yeah because noone, NOONE has ever made a spike bat before. NOONE.

    Asides the fact they’ve been used since people have been swinging bats…

  • the I.Q. for the entire populace is dropping rapidly. ive played videogames and watched horror films all my life, and not once have I found the taking of a life to be acceptable due to a learned moral compass. hell the videogame stigma is now jobless, reclusive sociopaths who are liable to snap at any second, and this mentality of blaming media is like burning books because it “makes us do bad stuff.” its just easier to blame others then look at the truth: some people are just sick or born willing to cross any boundary for selfish reasons. but what do I know, im just a gamer :/

  • Canucklehead

    Clearly the baseball bat and nail industry have run amok and are polluting the impressionable minds of the young. Let us begin by closing every sporting goods and hardware store. This perversion must be stopped.

    • they can take my bat with hammered nails in it from my cold, dead hands!!

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