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[Comic-Con ’13] Join Other Deadites At Sony’s ‘Evil Dead’ Party This Saturday!

To celebrate the release of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead on home video, Sony Home Entertainment is throwing a bash worthy of your deadite-loving presence.

San Diego Comic-Con attendees can RSVP for a bloody fiasco taking place Saturday, July 20 at The Commons (901 4th Avenue). Director Fede Alvarez and star Jane Levy will be in attendance!

You must be 21+ to get in, and I’d suggest arriving early to guarantee admittance.

Here’s the invite via Twitter:



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  • Bouncy X

    i bought the steelbook of this today, with all the pre-release talk of mostly practical effects and all the articles about how they pulled off the arm sawing scene, i was surprised to see there werent any featurettes about the effects. it would have been cool to see that scene on video as opposed to just reading about it.

    not to mention the extras it did have were short, there’s like 30mins worth of stuff. but if the rumors of an extended cut next year are true, guess they’re saving more extras for that one.

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