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Undead Labs Sheds Light On PC Version Of ‘State Of Decay’

It’s no secret that Undead Labs’ zombie survival game State of Decay, which has now sold over 700,000 units on XBLA, will soon be coming to PC. Today, the developer confirmed the game will be available on Steam Early Access this year, complete with improved resolutions and frame-rate. However, this version will only come with controller support, so if you’re more of a mouse and keyboard gamer, you’ll want to wait for the full release.

If you’re hoping for co-op, unfortunately, the PC version will bring with it the exact same content that’s currently being enjoyed by gamers on XBLA. While it won’t launch with mod tools like Steam Workshop, they haven’t ruled that out entirely.

As for the first add-on, which will introduce a new “sandbox” mode, that DLC is still in the works, though we still don’t have a release date yet. For the XBLA version, Undead Labs is working on a patch that will let us bring NPC survivors with you on missions. That ought to be helpful. I hate clearing out infestations by myself.

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