[Comic-Con '13] Evan Checked Out the 'Predator 3D' Booth and Stuff - Bloody Disgusting!

[Comic-Con ’13] Evan Checked Out the ‘Predator 3D’ Booth and Stuff

One of the coolest promotions happening at the San Diego Comic-Con is Fox Home Entertainment’s customized Predator action figure, which comes with a pre-order of the film’s 3-D Blu-ray release.

Evan Dickson checked out the booth, took a photo with a Predator, played with the create a head feature (see what they look like below), and snapped shots of two different Blu-ray editions.

It’s $49.99 for the Blu-ray and personalized 3-D mapping doll.

For $129.99 you get both of those along with the below Predator head box set.

At least now you have a reason to own a third HD release of the 80’s classic, I think? Read more about the Predator event here.

  • andrewd182

    Was this for what that Facebook poster was teasing?

    • Dr_Loomis


  • Evil_Flip

    Awesome. Predator totally needed to be post-converted to 3D.