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[Comic-Con ’13] 8 Interesting Bits From “The X-Files” 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel!

“The X-Files” 20th Anniversary reunion panel has just concluded at the San Diego Comic-Con, and we have 8 news bits to come from the massive reunion.

It’s been two decades since FBI Special Agents Mulder and Scully first partnered to investigate unsolved paranormal cases. “The X-Files” made primetime safe for sci-fi, and spawned a generation of hugely successful writer/producers. Somewhere, the truth is still out there.

TV Guide Magazine Los Angeles bureau chief Michael Schneider lead the panel that included Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, plus series creator Chris Carter and writers/producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong.

-Any possibility of a limited TV series like what they’re doing with “24”? Gillian Anderson said she’s not interested in that, but “a film would be great.”

-The Season 10 comic has been blessed by Chris Carter, but he said it’s “more comic book-y” than the series and has “its own mythology.”

-Vince Gilligan mentioned how meeting/working with Bryan Cranston on the “Drive” episode in Season 6 resulted in the creation of “Breaking Bad.” (Much applause came from the crowd of course from that remark.)

-Any monster of the week they didn’t get to do? Gilligan wanted Drew Barrymore to play a character having a god-like power over people, but it didn’t happen. Gillian said she spoke with Tom Waits once about the doing the show, but it didn’t happen either.

-How influential was a strong female character like Scully on the genre? “Huge impact” due to her personality, strength, and standing up for her beliefs, said Gillian. Carter added that Scully was his fantasy woman.

-LA or Vancouver? David said nostalgically Vancouver is the home of the show since they kind of all grew up together there. Gillian added they had more time off in LA, which was nice, but overall she agreed with him.

-Will David and Gillian work together again in other roles, like “Californication” perhaps? David is hesitant as the Scully/Mulder dynamic is almost sacred so it would have to be something very special.

Big question: Will there be an X-Files 3 film? Carter said seeing all these people for the panel shows there’s enthusiasm and is encouraging, but that’s as far as he would go.

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