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[Comic-Con ’13] Image And Skybound Tease 10 Years Of ‘The Walking Dead’

With “The Walking Dead” about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Robert Kirkman is planning an “All Out War”, a 12-part storyline. At the SDCC panel Kirkman said that it’s “a huge storyline that’s a culmination of everything that’s happened in the book so far. As you know, Rick died in the last issue so — has that issue not come out yet? He’s on the cover! It’s clearly not true!”. The event kicks off in October.

For full details check out the panel transcription over at Comic Book Resources.



  • danieldarko

    “As you know, Rick died in the last issue”
    thank you, Lonmonster, for being a jerk. I for one did not know that cause the current issues of Walking Dead won’t be released in my country anytime soon and i’m trying hard to avoid spoilers.
    So yeah, thank you so much for ruining this for me.

    • Lonmonster

      @danieldarko Well, if you read the rest of that quote, which was Kirkman and not me, you would know it was a joke. Rick is very much still alive.

  • danieldarko

    oh shit. my deepest apollogies, in fact i did stop reading after those words…
    pretty embarrassing.
    please just delete my bullshit, i’ll try to think before posting from now on.

    • Lonmonster

      No worries, it happens!

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