[Comic-Con '13] Heather And Robbie The Rabbit Join Toymunkey's Line Of 'Silent Hill' Figures - Bloody Disgusting
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[Comic-Con ’13] Heather And Robbie The Rabbit Join Toymunkey’s Line Of ‘Silent Hill’ Figures



I have a growing list of Silent Hill figures that I want badly, and it’s all thanks to Toymunkey Studios. It started with the gorgeous Pyramid Head figure, which now has a Comic-Con exclusive variant inspired by Silent Hill 2. That was quickly followed by a pair of super creepy bubble head nurses, also from SH2, and now, we have some Heather and Robbie the Rabbit figures from Silent Hill 3.

Every time I see one of these, my wallet aches. Read on for pictures.

These new additions to Toymunkey’s already impressive line of Silent Hill figures will release later this year.

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