[Comic-Con '13] Harald Zwart Drew Inspiration From 'The Thing' For 'The Mortal Instruments!' - Bloody Disgusting!

[Comic-Con ’13] Harald Zwart Drew Inspiration From ‘The Thing’ For ‘The Mortal Instruments!’

While Harald Zwart’s Mortal Instruments: City of Bones may be a high-budget YA adaptation geared towards a PG-13 crowd, the director drew inspiration from some unlikely – and very gory – sources.

I spoke to him earlier today at SDCC and he told me, “The first monster you meet in the movie, I was inspired by ‘The Thing’, which I think is a great movie. One of the scariest movies I ever saw and I loved every second of it. I just loved the idea of demons taking possession of other creatures and when they surface, the living creature is just a host. The body is cracked to pieces and wrongly reassembled. I used that as a hook to the creature design here. I liked the idea of a demon as something you haven’t seen before.

I watched ‘The Exorcist’ a lot of times for this as well, I wanted to have some of that feel. You can feel the actor [at work] there.’

In theaters August 23, 2013, Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Durand, Robert Maillet, Lena Headey, Jared Harris, Kevin Zegers and Jonathan Rhys Meyers all star.