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[Comic-Con ’13’ ‘Evil Dead’ Director Teases Mia and Ash Team-Up! #SDCC

Now on home video as of Tuesday, Bloody Disgusting sat down with Evil Dead (review) director Fede Alvarez at the Movies on Demand Lounge at the Hard Rock during the San Diego Comic-Con to get you the scoop on the film’s inevitable sequel and more. The biggest juice is that we may see Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, eventually team up with Mia (Jane Levy) in the sequel!

First on our agenda we wanted to know the scoop on if and when there will be an extended cut of the film released as an alternate extended version was referenced in the Blu-ray commentary several times. “People are always asking me about the director’s cut of the film,” Alvarez tells us. “Honestly though, the version out right now IS the director’s cut. I feel it is the best cut of the movie and it’s also my favorite. We really didn’t cut much as the MPAA had us make only minimal trims, like when Jane cut her tongue in half, we could only show that for two seconds instead of three. They didn’t want us to over-expose the film’s violence so if you only see things like that for a couple of seconds then you most likely won’t become a homicidal maniac and go on a rampage.

As for Ash’s character showing up at the film’s end and the significance of the scene, “When we initially got together to start production on the movie I was all about getting in cameos for Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell and anyone else we could get in there. Sam immediately stepped in though and encouraged me to leave those characters alone and make my own movie and I think we benefited from that advice immensely. Still, we did get the Ash character in at the very end like a hidden track on a CD and my intention with that was to let the audience know Ash is still out there and he knows what’s going on. We originally had a moment written where Ash would find Jane Levy’s character wandering the road, but it was never filmed because Bruce was unavailable. The moment you seen at the end of the flick was very spur of the moment. We shot in in an office using only borrowed lamps for lighting.

Fede continues, “For the next movie I want to continue the story laid out by my first film. I just don’t want to get five new kids and throw them into the cabin. Who knows? Maybe Jane [Levy] (who played the character “Mia”) and Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) will meet up? Maybe Jane will be attacked in the woods and die at the beginning of the second one. We’re still in the very early stages of talking about it. I want to continue to add to the mythology and make my own movie and revere the films that have come before it.

Evil Dead is now on home video from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.



  • Kroork

    He never answered the question about an extended cut. He talked about a directors cut but that is what he was asked. I don’t want more violence or gore, I want all the deleted material we have been shown constantly in trailers (including trailers for the DVD, way after they know the footage isn’t in the movie) and even in clips! ( first 10 min clip contained a NEW SCENE that is not in the movie) like Mia singing her evil lullaby or David chainsawing up Natalie. That’s what I want!

  • Incinerated

    How exactly do you make a film as bloody as Evil Dead and completely fail to understand that the following is an unacceptable minimization for fans of bloody horror films: “We really didn’t cut much as the MPAA had us make only minimal trims, like when Jane cut her tongue in half, we could only show that for two seconds instead of three.”

    How does he not get it?

    Plus, I felt like the tongue seen had also been blurred a bit and was lacking clarity that was in the trailer. Maybe that was just the print I saw?

    • ktn

      No, it wasn’t just the print you saw. They really altered this scene.

      • Bouncy X

        it looked perfectly fine and clear both when i saw it in theaters and when i watched the blu-ray last week. as for the cuts for the MPAA, yeah i’m totally not surprised it wasn’t about cutting scenes but just trimming them down.

        the MPAA are weird like that, they dont mind gross inapropriate things unless they last longer than x amount of seconds. lol

        • ktn

          Take a look at the trailer, you’ll see the difference.


            i see no difference…

  • ThunderDragoon

    It would be so stupid to kill off Mia at the beginning of the 2nd one. It would be an even worse idea to have Mia and Ash team up right away. I thought they were going to make a trilogy and THEN introduce Ash again? One of the reasons the reboot/sequel was so good was because it was completely serious. I feel like if they reintroduced Ash right away, it would just turn into another comedy. I really don’t want that. Please, Fede, let the sequel have the same atmosphere.

    • ktn

      Yeah. It’s like having the original evil dead preceding army of darkness, the change in tone would be abrupt. But they made evil dead 2 first, then army of darkness, so the change in tone was gradual. If Fede wants to team up Mia and Ash, he needs to make another evil dead with Mia, elevate the use of dark humor(“i feel much better now”), and then a third movie, wich would be more comedy than horror(or just 50/50). After that, Mia and Ash can kill some she-bitches together.

  • DarrelDreadful

    As long as they don’t rush then I wont worry. I enjoyed Evil Dead and Im interested in a sequel but with all do respect am I the only one that doesnt want Ash to show up? Idk the idea of it sounds cool but if it actually happens, is it really going to be necessary? Im in love with Jane as Mia and cant wait for her return.

    • Kroork

      No , i do not wanna see Mia and ash meet ever. I want the franchises to stay separate!

    • ThunderDragoon

      I’m one of the few who doesn’t want Ash to show up. Exactly, keep the franchises separate as Kroork said. I also really love Jane as Mia. Hopefully everything will work out for the best. Time will tell.

  • sweetooth

    The remake is not in the same universe as the original trilogy, people need to stop with this.

    Lots of people apparently liked the remake, personally I thought it sucked ass. Please do not tarnish the original Evil Dead saga by trying to tie it in with this new thing.

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