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[Comic-Con ’13] New ‘Dead Rising 3’ Gameplay And Weapons Revealed

“Every zombie’s a snowflake.” I’m glad someone finally said it.

Looking at this new ‘making of’ video, which made its debut at Comic-Con the other day, Dead Rising 3 looks like its gotten rid of the weird tonal shifts that plagued the first two games. For the most part, Dead Rising and its sequel were wacky, outlandish games with over-the-top gore and brief sparks of humor. This made the bits where the games got serious all the more uncomfortable. I liked having a sick little girl to take care of in the second game, but when daddy comes back armed with a chainsaw paddle and wearing a thong — I can’t take that “serious” moment seriously.

In Dead Rising 3, Capcom has finally decided on a tone for the games, and that’s gritty. The crazy weapon combinations are back, as are the psychopaths, time limit, and hordes of undead. You’ll still even be able to wear bizarre costumes, if you’re into that. Only now, it’s a gritty banana hammock. Enjoy a new featurette, where the devs talk about all these things — and more — after the jump.

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