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[Comic-Con ’13] Nightcrawler Is Back! #SDCC

Coming straight from the X-Men panel today at SDCC, there’s a new series launching in November, to be be titled “Amazing X-Men”. The series will be written by Thor veteran Jason Aaron with art from Ed McGuinness. “Amazing X-Men” will feature the a team of Wolverine, Storm, Firestar, Iceman, Beast, Northstar, and of course, Nightcrawler. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my favorite teleporting mutant.



  • Evan3

    @Lonmonster, Have they brought real Nightcrawler back yet or is this the AOA one they brought into Marvel U? If its the original Kurt, how long will his comic death have lasted (and do you think some relics of Bastion remain inside?)

    • Lonmonster

      @Evan3, As far as I know, this is Kurt! Jason Aaron hasn’t said much about it yet so I’m not sure about Bastion.

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