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Limp Bizkit Release Absurd, Highly Enjoyable Video For “Ready To Go”

So, Limp Bizkit is back with a new music video for their new song “Ready To Go”. The song comes from the band’s upcoming album Stampede Of The Disco Elements, which will be released this fall (most likely in September). The video features the band in various performance settings, from a garage to mid-size clubs to full scale arenas. Intermingled within are shots of the band preparing for stage (seeing guitarist Wes Borland do his thing is actually pretty cool) as well as completely absurd and mind boggling shots of other various activities (such as a mom push her baby carriage out of the way so as to tear off her coat and reveal her bikini-clad body, a woman suggestively slurping water from a hose while a leaf blower (Mr. Disgusting’s favorite kind of person) masturbates his blower (not a pun), and more). Oh, and Lil Wayne has his guest appearance wearing a hat that still has its tags on. Perhaps he’s going to return it after the video? Anyways, it’s all available to see below.

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