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5 Reasons To Get Excited For The ‘DayZ’ Standalone!

Poisoning Other Players

Who doesn’t keep a canteen or two on them out in the field? You have to stay hydrated out there, the last thing you want to do is get really desperate for water Well, I will keep a poisoned canteen on me at all times, at a position in my pack that my friends will know not to take, and if a bandit kills me and then takes my water in a hopes to rehydrate after an especially challenging murder (I won’t go without a fight).

Imagine taking a sip out of a canteen only to die a horrible, gut-wrenching death because someone had the forethought to poison their water? It adds a level of paranoia to gaming never before seen. I want to do that.

User Created Radio Stations

Yep, it’s in the testing phase now, but user-generated should be a part of the standalone. Maybe not at launch, but supposedly it’s coming. We don’t know if this will amass to Chernarus 101 radio, playing hits from the 80’s 90’s and today, but it could ramp up the immersion factor by a thousand if done right, a la Fallout.

The opportunities for an even more unique level of immersion are endless. Maybe I find my cottage up north, like I was talking about before, and then set up my Chernaurus radio station talk show, discussing survival tips and having other survivors on air? Or maybe I play music? Or maybe bandits use the radios to hunt down victims. It’s a fascinating idea.

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  • Milk

    Dude. I play DayZ almost nightly and I’ve got to say the main reason I am excited to play the SA is to get rid of many of the glitches and hacks. The popularity seems to be waning as well. Most of the Taviana servers I used to regular have all died.

    Poisoned water seems pretty legit though. I am going to have fun with that.

  • spanky

    Over 285 pages of reported glitches and problems. That’s over 14,000+ PROBLEMS that this game has, and you want to tell me to look forward to this sh!t?
    This game sucks a$$ – They have over $90 million dollars over customer money and have given you false hope of something that was never intended on becoming more than an alpha program. ALL ON THE RUSE OF STEALING YOUR MONEY!!!

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